The Aussie Easter Bunny

Today that bunny met with me!

Dear Matilda and Ziggy,
Today the Easter Bunny met with me! She said her name is Karena and was looking forward to visiting you.

Karena is a funny looking bunny, the biggest I've ever seen. She has a long body and tail to help in hopping fences, and can hop so high she might even fly. That's because our Aussie Easter Bunny is really a kick-ass kangaroo!...

Our Easter Kangaroo, carries a magical collection of coloured eggs in her pouch to hide around your home. However, you should learn from my mistakes and only eat the wrapped ones. Alas, I did not share my chocolate eggs so now that roo mixed in egg shaped poo!

The taste is terribly moreish. Would you care to swap with me? Please take care with your answer, lest you suffer the same as me! What shall I tell Karena kangaroo?