Edgor "Apeman" Kapowski

Edgor could be an angry motherfucker. Like a frog in water brought to boil, the anger built and the anabolic steroids did not help. Forensics were needed to determine what happened for no one but Edgor left that courtroom.

"For your crimes I sentence you...", their privileged hypocrisy was enough to make him snap. Dislocated bodies and furnishings were thrown against the exit but there was surprisingly little blood given the carnage. Screams were heard but Edgor left before police entered the scene.

He was last seen swimming toward New Zealand. It was assumed Edgar drowned for a body was never found. But suspicion rose when his modis operandi started in New Zealand. He was like a parasite praying on the rich. His one-man vendetta against over population, climate change and inequality.



Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Jim Croce 1973



Block-print, Portrait