Like a plague it swept the world and in its wake the seeds of doubt. Like a plague it infested but its only real message was the flaws of faith. For there is no god but God and even then not even.

Rejoice young man in thy youth... but know for all these things God will bring judgement. Ecclesiastes 11:9

Young men have long enlisted in wars, they are full of energy and unimpeded by the wisdom of arthritis.



Photo, Collage



Killing in the name, RATM 1991

Romper Stomper Theme, John Clifford White 1995



Ecclesiastes 11:9

Drinking the Kool-Aid, 1978

Fight Club, film 1999

Lord of the Flies, film 1990

The Crusades

Mahdist War, 1881–99

September 11 attacks, 2001

ISIL, 1999-