One word can paint a picture. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but one word can paint a picture and some words more...

Some words are written, some words are read and some are just for one.




Classism: Because racism, homophobia and sexism are politically incorrect?


Because it's easier telling others what to do than it is to change oneself.


Comparison is the killer of contentment and the thief of joy.


Happy Mother's Day: Because Mother's Day is an important day but without a dad like you, it wouldn't be.

Motherfucker you, motherfucker me, you can be a motherfucker too.


Because when the phone rings, someone wants something.


iDontGiveAFuckism: Because using the power of "I don't give a fuck" is self-empowering.


There is no god but God

There is no god but God, and even then not even.

Nowhere but everywhere, there is no god but god itself and even then not even. There is no god but god itself, there is no god at all... for today we make our own hope.



A picture is worth a thousand words

Pandora's box