Girl that fell from Moon

There once was a spirit who mistook our Moon for her mother. The Moon did not know how to love, so instead gave the spirit chocolate sweets to eat. The Moon said to the spirit: you may eat these treats but not my apples, for their great secret is mine to keep...

The spirit was hungry for more than sweets, so waited for the Moon to sleep. At the next new moon, when our Moon was asleep, the spirit climbed a tree and ate apples. The apples were good but the weight of their secret broke a tree branch and the spirit fell from our Moon to Earth.

For many long years, the spirit called out but the Moon it would not answer. Finally a family was found with so much love that the spirit was reborn as Ziggy. The Moon was full because Ziggy was loved and all now knew that the secret of the apples is love.

Story inspired by Ziggy!



No one knows her origins, she is an enigma. Did she come from the rain forrest or was she raised by snakes on blue berries? No one really knows.


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