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The world that is, until it is the world that was.

In the beginning there was nothing, then from the darkness came the light. And like a Faustian bargain, you cannibalize life to live until your life is taken.

I've long sought to know my fate and see the great beyond but only the dead transcend destiny's end.

Do we all get to a point in life when we say fuck it all, humanity is not worth it. I just don't think humans should survive?

Today we must make our own hope.

Fuck it all, for it does not matter. It has never mattered, but it is a laugh, it is a lark, and the food ain't bad, indeed it's good.

In the immensity of time and space, the world we know will come and go leaving little trace of our place.

Hedonism has diminishing returns.

Only a fool thinks he can solve the worlds problems. But you've got to try don't you? Or at least act local and improve what you can? Fargo S01 - "A rich man who gave everything" scene HD -

We live because it's in our nature to keep living, and we look for meaning because it's in our nature to want to be more than our nature.

Before we die we are now alive, so accept your fate and live, let us really live for every breath taken is an extra moment we have stolen from death. There’s plenty time to die but not so much to live, so live now and die later. Live now because we don't know what tomorrow brings, and not living is to deny our nature.

Life is not for keeps and death is but the price to pay for borrowed time when we never had for more. Encoded is your use by date to procreate and die, because evolution needs this space for future generations. We live, we die and we know not why. But the evolution of life is why. The meaning is what you make it and each must find their own.

Life's turnstile has always been peculiar.

We live, we die and we know not why... Our's not to reason why, our's but to do and die. Blindfolded we walk through the garden. Into the valley of death and onward to oblivion... But before we die first we live. Let us live, let us really live.

Is the desire for life meaning part of a misplaced primal survival instinct to belong to a tribe stronger than oneself?

Perhaps life exists because it was inevitable: sooner or later, some time, some where and some how, life was inevitable, so why not now.

The meaning is whatever stimulates Dopamine and all your body's natural "reward" hormones?

If life were a train window, we should not be concerned with the length of the journey or the dangers of looking out, instead we should not miss out.

I remember you. In a dream I dreamt of you. I remember you standing on the edge of oblivion. Between the sheets of birth and death, I dreamt the dream of me and you. I dreamt of life a lot. I use to dream and now do not. But I still remember you. I remember you.

I remember you standing there on the edge of oblivion. I remember you walking the walk and talking the talk. I remember you talking until the end of ends. The end of days, the end of time, the end of life and the ends of beyond. I remember you.

Life is somewhat like a Faustian bargain: Against probability we are born, we live and then our lives are taken. Hell being the state without God.

Nihilism: The rejection of all religious and moral principles, in the belief that life is meaningless.

Hedonism: The pursuit of pleasure and self indulgence as the highest aim in life.

Anhedonia: Inability to feel pleasure in normally pleasurable activities.

Religion: Beliefs and culture that shield individuals from the meaninglessness of life.

Death: Freedom from the endless arguement.

Timescale: Draw a long line and place a dot in the middle: the dot represents a time span for the evolution of cellular life in our solar system, while the line represents the eternity before and after. All life is bookended by eternity. Even the big bang is predated by eternity.

The Now: The night is crisp, people walk by like ghosts all consumed with the present. They look real, they look alive, but they are dead, they just don't know it yet. We are all dead. The sound and lights of this city...

Immortal: Oblivion is coming. So try not to worry about life's tribulations. Life is but a heartbeat compared to the infinite nothingness. Our lives are short, but death is forever. Only in death are we eternal. Only death is immortal.

The Moment: Some moments of pain feel so raw they might consume our world. But this feeling is fleeting. It is a drop of water in an ocean. One tangible connection of life that will soon be forgotten in eternal nothingness.

Fuck it, it dont matter to me. Life is a snowdome, until you die. And then there's nothing. I just want to sleep.



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