Here I spy the great beyond

Time and place

Last night I dreamt I died, I jumped from the precipice to spy the great beyond...


There at destiny's end, I died but did not know it and in the instance of my death, eternity departed.


Beyond the realm of life's snowdome, I now watch our blue bauble and the fate that awaits.


The Sun god holds our home in its grasp and inevitably will consume it.


How it all seems small, whom and what we were, for now and evermore we are not to be at all.



Out there on the edge, on the precipice of oblivion, beyond the realm of life's snow dome, I watch the trinket dangle, the sun god holds our blue bauble and the fate that waits. A carrot to the donkey from the playful puppeteer. At the end of my discourse, I died but did not know it...



Gayane ballet, Aram Khachaturian 1939

Atmosphères, György Ligeti 1961

Lux Aeterna, Clint Mansell 2000

No longer there, Cat Empire 2007

Beethoven's Silence, Ernesto Cortazar 2009



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