One raw moment

One raw moment

To be let inside another person's mind is a dangerous thing

Twinkle twinkle Judas star

Trinkets twinkle Judas Star poem

Trinkets twinkle from afar Jesus Christ super star

Our time machine

All I need is you poem

In life we have our memories and in death, let us dream of where we want to be...

Here I spy the great beyond

Time and place

Last night I dreamt I died, I fell from the precipice to spy the great beyond.

Monsters made of midnight

The monsters made of midnight poem

Hey Dad, I'm worried I am going back to my beginning. You see they come at night, the monsters made of midnight.

A loving god

A loving god poem by Judas1

Perhaps the most beautiful thing I know is the concept of a god that loves.

Savour it all

Savour it all poem

Let me sing, let me shout, let me soar. Let me revel, run, rage and roar.

The Knowing

Scream screens poem by Judas1

Long before me, the world was, and long after me, the world will still be.

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