Twinkle twinkle Judas star

For hope is, even when it's not

Trinkets twinkle from afar, Jesus Christ super star. Up above the world on high, like a carrot in my eye. Now I've searched near and far, how I fear hope's all we are.

Beyond the realm of life's snowdome, I watch the trinket dangle, a carrot to the donkey from our playful puppeteer. How it all seems somewhat small, whom and what we were, for now and evermore we're not to be at all.

Time machine

Time machine

I close my eyes and see the trees we planted dancing in the breeze. Time takes all things but there will always be this moment we share, it lives on in memory as our time machine. When we die, I hope you'll join me there, for that's where I'll be waiting in that dream of me and you.

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This website is a collection of pictures, poetry and prose I find therapeutic to play with. Judas1 is a pseudonym chosen for anonymity and an interest in Judas Iscariot. You can view all posts via the navigation tags.