Twinkle twinkle Judas star

Trinkets twinkle from afar Jesus Christ super star, up above the world on high like a carrot in my eye. Now I've searched near and far, how I fear hope's all we are.

Time machine

Time machine

Sometimes I like to imagine the world outside is not. The world is just a fairytale we once heard & all that be is us. This may not sound like much but to me it means all I need is you. While time takes most things, there will always have been this pocket of time we share: a moment that lives on in memory as our time machine. When I close my eyes, I can see the trees we planted swaying in the breeze. One of these days, I will go there & not come back. When your time ends, I hope you'll join me.



This website is a collection of ideas to help comprehend existence. I find it therapeutic to play with these. Judas1 is a pseudonym used for anonymity, I chose this due to an interest in Judas Iscariot as devil's advocate. View all posts here.