Time machine

In life we make memories and in death let us dream of where we want to be, with our transcendental time machine...

Sometimes I like to imagine, the world outside is not. The world is just a fairytale we once heard & all that be is us. This may not sound like much but to me it means all I need & want I've found with you.

In time all things are taken, & yet there will always have been this pocket of time & space we share. A moment that lives on in memory as our time machine to this place, where all we have is one another & all we need is each other.

When I close my eyes, I see the trees we planted swaying in the breeze & when I die, that's where I choose to dream I'm going. One of these days, I'm gonna go there & not come back. When your time comes, I hope you'll join me there.

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