Our time machine

All I need is you poem

In life we have our memories and in death, let us dream of where we want to be... I'm there already.

Sometimes I like to imagine, the world outside is not. The world is but a fairytale we once heard and all that be is us. This may not sound like much but to me it means all I need and want, I've found with you.

In time all things are taken but there will always and forever have been this pocket bubble of time and space we now share. Our time machine to the place where all we have is one another and all we need is each other.

When I close my eyes, I can see the trees we planted swaying in the breeze. And when I die that's where I choose to dream I'm going. One of these day I'm gonna go there and not come back. When your time comes, I hope you'll join me there.




Time in a bottle, Jim Croce 1973

Island home, Warumpi Band 1988

Somewhere over the Rainbow, Israel Kamakawiwoole 1988/90

Once Upon A Dream, Lana Del Rey 2014

Castle On A Cloud, Les Misérables



And death shall have no dominion, Dylan Thomas 1933

My Country, Dorothea Mackellar 1908/14

Alice in Wonderland, 1865

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, 1900






Dreams, Death, Inverted, Love, Worlds, Hope