A loving god

A loving god poem by Judas1

The most beautiful thing I know is a god that loves, listens, absolves your sin and offers hope... Surely a loving god is man's most beautiful creation, because it makes me want to believe, even though I know it's not real.



Yesterday I said a prayer
to a god that wasn't there...
I said my prayer again today,
I'm sure it wished I'd go away.


The Conflicted poem by Judas1

Dear God,
I may not believe in you
but I still talk to you, for:
it makes me feel good;
it makes my words feel heard;
and sometimes I find answers.
Isn't that reason enough?



The meaning is believing that believing is meaning and belief is enough... for faith is what we have instead of God and I want to believe in something. I want to believe in believing, I want to believe in hope and I want to believe... there's more.

Hope is what I want. Hope is what I yearn. Hope for more, hope for less but most of all... hope for hope.



I am the wrath,
I am the war,
I am the god of it all.

Like a plague it swept the world and in its wake the seeds of doubt. Like a plague it infested but its only real message was the flaws of faith.

For millennia we've manufactured faith in gods. If only we invested the same energy in each other.

There is no god but God

There is no god but God

Everywhere but nowhere. There is no god but God and even then not even. There is no god but God itself, there is no god at all. For today we must make our own hope.

There is no god but God, and even then not Steven.


The face in these pictures I found in the weathered grain of an old fence paling. I removed the excess wood; printed the face on paper; and then played with the image.


Is the desire to believe in God, a misplaced primal instinct to survive by belonging to a tribe stronger than oneself?

Are guilt, empathy and loyalty, reciprocal behaviours that evolved to help us belong to a tribe? Are the needs for purpose, love, connection, fulfillment and importance, part of the same need to belong?

After millennias of believing in gods, in a short space of time, developed countries are increasingly discarding belief in gods. Are their flow-on impacts to wellbeing?

At least when we believed in god, I had hope. Now there is no hope. But sometimes I sense the magic in those that do still believe.

I've long sought to make sense of life through rationalism but followed to its logical conclusion, it leaves little room for hope. Rationalism at the expense of faith led to feelings of hopelessness, and so I yearn for something more. I yearn for a hope that cannot be reasoned. I yearn for the magical.

Where once there was God, now we have an appreciation that we are alone and all we've got is one another. But at least we have each other, and by this bond perhaps we've found our God anew.



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