A loving god

The most beautiful thing I know...

A loving god poem by Judas1

Perhaps the most beautiful thing I know is a god that loves, listens, absolves your sin and offers hope. Surely a loving god is man's most beautiful creation, because it makes me want to believe it's real, even though I know it's not...



Yesterday I said a prayer
to a god that wasn't there...
I said my prayer again today,
I'm sure it wished I'd go away.


The Conflicted poem by Judas1

Dear God,
I may not believe in you
but I still talk to you, for:
it makes me feel good;
it makes my words feel heard;
and sometimes I find answers.
Isn't that reason enough?



The meaning is believing that believing is enough, for faith is what we have instead of God.

I've long sought to make sense of life but rationalism leaves little room for hope. And so I yearn for more. I yearn for the magic of a hope that cannot be reasoned.



Like a plague it swept the world & in its wake the seeds of doubt; the only real message was the flaws of faith:

I am the wrath, I am the war, I am the god of it all. Everywhere but nowhere, there is no god but God and even then not even, for there is no God at all.

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