Monsters made of midnight

The monsters made of midnight poem

Hey Dad, I'm worried I am going back to my beginning. You see they come at night, the monsters made of midnight.They say that I'm their friend as they whisper warnings to me. With the shaking of walls and footsteps up the hall, at 12 tonight they come. Before my time is done, they will come.

They come to collect on a devil's debt, they come to reset my time and take me back to my beginning. Many lifespans I've relived and here I am again, and again, and again, again.




Can you see the monsters in the picture?

Life is somewhat like a Faustian bargain: Against probability we are born, we live and then our lives are taken to Hell. Hell being death and the state without God.



Don't fear the reaper. Song by BOC 1976



Faustian bargain

Eternal return





Perplexed, Devil, Worlds