What world is this?

The never was poem

What world is this, what space and what time? What body is this I inhabit? And what road is this I travel? What world is this?...

This is the world in which I live, until it'd that in which I did and then this world, this world that is, is but a world that was. A world that was.

The never was

What is all this

We know not how long we have, only that we have not long, for the world is until it isn't and then perhaps it never, and was it really ever?

Woe is man?

Woe is man poem

In the beginning there was nothing, then from the darkness came the light. And like a Faustian bargain, you cannibalize life to live until your short life is taken.

Woe is man to whom so much is given only to be taken. But life was given, and it is something, so while we’re here... live. Live now for it is perhaps to enhance appreciation that we have it taken.


When did I get old and when did I die...

When we are dead, from our perspective, this world may as well never have existed.

The world that is until it is the world that was.



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Faustian bargain

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