Where once there was God

Where once there was God

Hollow, cheap and shallow, a transparent fecal yellow: where once there was God, now there’s not... The world without is a world of want for the next fix of fast food, info-tainment and packaged deals for your holiday, home, phone, car and loan. But hedonism has diminishing returns.

They say hell is the state of being without God and here in anhedonia I wait without. I wish I could believe again but I can't uneat that apple. I can't uneat that apple.




Without hope. I navel-gaze at my first world problems still wanting to belong.

Where once there was God, now we have an appreciation that we are alone and all we've got is one another. But at least we have each other, and by this bond perhaps we might find God in family?



Choose life. Music for Trainspotting Film Theme 1996

This Is Your Life. Music for Fight Club Film Theme 1999



Rant from The 25th Hour. Film Extract 2002



Forbidden fruit

Garden of Eden

The Big Apple






God, Devil, City, Perplexed