The deconstructed

The deconstructed poem

The voices they’re in my head again, and again, telling me I'm wrong and always have been wrong. They don’t shut up and won't with their sanctimony... Fields of guilt they till, seeds of doubt they plant and questions on your credentials they cultivate.

Welcome to the wonderful world of "Fuck you!" An ungrateful world of want that does not care about your loyalty. Fuck this cancel culture world of want. Light the world on fire and let the judges be judged for they cross the Rubicon.

Sorry I am

Sorry poem

The weakness in me I fear to see... There are things I've done, mistakes I've made and crimes I've committed for which I am sorry. I have my demon's haunt and my conscience's taunts. I hear the voices in my head and I hear your whispers too. I like myself more without you.



Do we all get to a point in life when we say fuck it all, humanity is not worth it. I just don't think humans should survive?



Zombie, The Cranberries 1994

Les Miserables: Freeing Javert

Romper Stomper

Romper Stomper Theme 1992




Fight Club, 1999 film

The Mission, 1986 film

Falling Down, 1993 film

Where the Dead Men Lie, Barcroft Boake 1891

Jerilderie Letter, Ned Kelly 1879