The meaning of life

To search for the meaning of life is to assume there's an answer. But the meaning is a human question and a human invention... There is no one answer. The meaning is what you make it, it's finding something to live for. What do I want to live for?



We live because it's in our nature to keep living, and we look for meaning because it's in our nature to want to be more than our nature.

Before we die we are now alive, so accept your fate and live, let us really live for every breath taken is an extra moment we have stolen from death. There’s plenty time to die but not so much to live, so live now and die later. Live now because we don't know what tomorrow brings, and not living is to deny our nature.

Life is not for keeps and death is but the price to pay for borrowed time when we never had for more. Encoded is your use by date to procreate and die, because evolution needs this space for future generations. We live, we die and we know not why. But the evolution of life is why. The meaning is what you make it and each must find their own.

Life's turnstile has always been peculiar.

We live, we die and we know not why... Our's not to reason why, our's but to do and die. Blindfolded we walk through the garden. Into the valley of death and onward to oblivion... But before we die first we live. Let us live, let us really live.

Is the desire for life meaning part of a misplaced primal survival instinct to belong to a tribe stronger than oneself?

Perhaps life exists because it was inevitable: sooner or later, some time, some where and some how, life was inevitable, so why not now.

The meaning is whatever stimulates Dopamine and all your body's natural "reward" hormones?



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