Life is the illusion

Death is our reality

It seems so real when you're in the thick of it, but compared to eternity life is a blip. Life is the anomaly while death is our reality. Existence is an illusion and that's OK.

"You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad..." - Morpheus, The Matrix film, 1999.

We've all questioned the legitimacy of reality and for good reason: when we die we exit life's illusion. Even if we lived ten thousand years, our lives would still be bookended by eternal nothingness.

We are but transient apparitions on this Earth. Ghosts in a made-up matrix of culture, career, consumerism, money and morality. It's all destined for oblivion. Does anything matter?

Life is a momentary illusion. Death is our reality. Humanity might go on but our lives are done. This should be liberating, for I'm free to dream a matrix of my making, but it is not liberating. Life just is until it is no more.



Nihilism: The rejection of all religious and moral principles, in the belief that life is meaningless.

Hedonism: The pursuit of pleasure and self indulgence as the highest aim in life.

Anhedonia: Inability to feel pleasure in normally pleasurable activities.

Religion: Beliefs and culture that shield individuals from the meaninglessness of life.

Death: Freedom from the endless arguement.

Timescale: Draw a long line and place a dot in the middle: the dot represents a time span for the evolution of cellular life in our solar system, while the line represents the eternity before and after. All life is bookended by eternity. Even the big bang is predated by eternity.

The Now: The night is crisp, people walk by like ghosts all consumed with the present. They look real, they look alive, but they are dead, they just don't know it yet. We are all dead. The sound and lights of this city...

Immortal: Oblivion is coming. So try not to worry about life's tribulations. Life is but a heartbeat compared to the infinite nothingness. Our lives are short, but death is forever. Only in death are we eternal. Only death is immortal.

The Moment: Some moments of pain feel so raw they might consume our world. But this feeling is fleeting. It is a drop of water in an ocean. One tangible connection of life that will soon be forgotten in eternal nothingness.

Fuck it, it dont matter to me. Life is a snowdome, until you die. And then there's nothing. I just want to sleep.



Atmosphères, György Ligeti 1961

German Expressionism

The Matrix, 1999 film



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