Life is the illusion

It seems so real when you're in the thick of it, but compared to eternity life is a blip. Life is the anomaly while death is our reality. Existence is an illusion and that's OK.

Death is our reality

"You've felt it your entire life, there's something wrong with the world." - Morpheus, The Matrix 1999.

We've all questioned the legitimacy of reality and for good reason: when we die we exit life's illusion. Even if we lived ten thousand years, our short lives would still be bookended by eternal nothingness.

We are but transient apparitions on this Earth. Ghosts in a matrix of consumerism, career, money and morality. It's all destined for oblivion.

Life is an illusion, death is our reality. This should be liberating, for in this short time, I'm free to live a matrix of my making.

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