Death is not so bad

Death ain't so bad, it's just a place we used to know and again we will go. So fear not fear but fear itself, for death was death when life was not, and death will be again...

Under the right circumstances death ain't so bad. Inevitably you accept your fate, close your eyes, fall asleep and never wake up again. In death there is nothing, no more struggle, judgement, pain or worry. And time? Time is not the keeper of dead men, as dead men are free in anonymity. So for a tired tortured soul, death ain't so bad and perhaps the end is welcome. Perhaps the peace, silence and nothingness of death, is the ultimate answer we've been searching for.

Let us not fear the end, but there is plenty time to die and not so much to live, so let us live now and die later.



Death, Hereafter



If I had a heart, Fever Ray 2009



The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, Franklin Roosevelt 1933

Funeral blues

And death shall have no dominion

Do not go gentle into that good night