Long roads to nowhere

Long roads to nowhere

Driving on long roads to nowhere there plays a time-lapse film of the rising and setting sun. Where the sound of cicadas wax and wane like waves in the ocean and heat haze dance on the horizon. There the harsh glare of midday's sun radiates the windscreen, until the light's consumed by night and temperature drops.

The sky is full of bright stars until lightning strikes in the distance and then is all around: Like a strobe light on the landscape, night momentarily turns to day before a barrage of hard rain makes it difficult to see the road in front. Your tyres aquaplane and the world is buffeted by strong winds that shunt the car sideways. But soon the weather clears and dawn resets the clock on a new day. A new day.



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Picnic at hanging rock theme, film 1975

My country, poem by Dorothy Mackellar 1908



"Out on the wastes of the Never Never - That's where the dead men lie!", Where the Dead Men Lie, poem by Barcroft Boake 1891

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