Summer in the badlands

Summer days in the badlands

Summer in the badlands is: An alien world of drought and indifference, where days are so bleached by light that the land is screen-burnt in my eyes when I close them; An abrasive scrubland of ultraviolet radiation and hot dry winds that rasp the lungs; A tinderbox of accelerants where even gum trees, birthed by fire, shy their leaves from midday's sun.

There in the badlands the Eastern Brown and the red-striped black snake and spider be; There meat ants smell a pungent eucalypt underfoot but can strip a carcass to the bone; There swarms of flies buzz the shade and cicadas sound like sirens of impending danger.

The badlands might well be hell but there is peace in the isolation of a place people do not go. A place people do not go.



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My country poem, D.Mackellar 1908

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"Out on the wastes of the Never Never - That's where the dead men lie!", Where the Dead Men Lie, poem by Barcroft Boake 1891

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