Once a family

There once was a family that lived on a hill, above the rolling green valleys of Jamberoo. The dad was a doctor, the mum was a nurse, with a boy and a girl, two cats and a dog. What happened to that family?

They built their home so high on a hill, you could see a blue ocean on the east end of Earth. And sometimes a fog over the valley below, made the house look afloat on clouds of white snow. What happened to that family?

All things pass and come to end and one hundred years have long since left, but some travelling through the green valley below still stop and wonder: what happened to that family?

The family grew up to a world that encroached and so moved away to live what they lost, but as the ghost of that boy, I play in secret rooms full of toys in our home on the cloud. Once my family lived in that house on the hill.

A Country Practice Theme Song