The magic of make-believe

Magic is not just something that can happen, it's also something we can create.

The Make-Believe

To make-believe is to pretend what isn't real is real, but isn't our reality make-believe?

Belief in gods, soul mates, morality, life-meaning and purpose: these are ideas created by humanity. We can also create magic...

Is there a tiny secret door, hidden behind filing cabinets on the seventh and a half floor of a building somewhere, that leads to "Being John Malkovich"? * If you choose to make-believe it, then yes.

Make-believe and magic are not about sticking heads in the sand to ignore reality, they are about enriching reality with more interesting options. What do we want to make-believe? I know what I want, I'm already there.


The Make-Believe



The aboriginals had the 'Dreamtime', the settlers the 'Never-Never', the isolation of rural Australia is conducive to make-believe because there are less societal confines and more freedom.

The picture above is supposed to represent looking through the keyhole of a door to another world.



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Being John Malkovich, Film trailer on YouTube



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